I'm Going Home


I can’t believe I had a waking craniotomy 48 hours ago and I get to go home.

I want to sleep in my own bed; I want to wash in my own shower and go to my own bed; I want to wear my own clothes that aren’t the kind of old ones that I took home to be comfortable and lose enough that I could get…

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Time Dilated Posting 3: Moar Surgery


I’m getting pretty serious brain surgery in a few minutes. Okay, it could be an hour or more at this stage. But… I never really thought I’d get the opportunity to write those words.

Not that they’re morbid. They’re just weird words to think and say. Surgery. On my brain. And here I am posting a…

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Diagnosis: Unpretty Words For A Sunday Morning


I talked about (my first) surgery the other day, and I couldn’t not continue the story…I started, so I have to go on, as weird and bleh as it might be.

Despite what you might think, I actually felt great after surgery: was itching to get back up and walk around (despite the catheter and the IVs…

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ariana grande at mariah carey



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this property is hereby… condemned.

I <3 this movie!!

What’s this from?

Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight with the bald dude being the one and only Billy Zane.

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I boarded this episode y’all! With my buddy Andres Salaff!

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My girlfriend wanted me to draw some metroids for her and I decided to turn one into a GIF since I haven’t done it in a while :)

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The Orphanage, 2007.

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Tributes to DUNE by artist Jose-Luis Segura.

The spice must flow.

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Do we look like a couple?

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Surgery: Cut Me Open And Take My Brain Out


I’ve been playing with this post for the last two weeks: it’s been drafted and re-drafted, it’s been sitting in my drafts, it’s been deleted and forgotten about.

Truth be told, I almost don’t want to talk about it: it’s almost like acknowledging it makes it real. And there’s a point where doing…

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It’s true! Natalie Dormer looks exactly like young Diana Rigg!

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